Large Fries & Large Drink

Add a large fries and a large drink to any sandwich.

Small Fries & Medium Drink

Add a small fries and a medium drink to any sandwich.

Taste of Fries & Small Drink

Add a taste of fries and a small drink to any sandwich.

Taste of Fries

Add a taste of fries to any sandwich.

Smother Your Sandwich in Veggie Chili

How do you make your sandwich even better? Smother it in our veggie chili!

Cheese Sandwich on Rye

Your choice of cheddar, Swiss or provolone cheeses topped with any of our condiments.

Tofu Reuben


You won’t miss the meat! Sliced peppered tofu, brown mustard or reuben sauce and sauerkraut on grilled rye bread.

Smoked German Bratwurst

These juicy wursts are made with pork, beef, nonfat dry milk and spices. No nitrates here! Whaddya want on it? We suggest: hot Dusseldorf mustard, sauerkraut & grilled onions.

Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich


We charbroil our marinated chicken breast to seal in the juices. Top it with your choice of BBQ, Jamaican jerk, mango habanero or marinara sauce. Whaddya want on it? We suggest: green peppers & grilled onions.

Italian Beef


Just like momma would make! We take thinly-sliced roast beef and simmer it in a flavorful Italian-style gravy, then serve it on toasted French bread. Whaddya want on it? We suggest: cooked green peppers, giardiniera, hot peppers and grilled onions.