Mustard’s History

Making Doggone good food for over 40 years!

Want to learn all about the history of Mustard’s and how we got into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame? You’re in the right place. Read on.


Good dog!

Our food is delicious, but don’t just take our word for it:


Our History

DanHallofFameMustard’s Last Stand was founded in both Denver and Boulder in 1978 by Dan Polovin, a Chicago native who kept running into Chicagoland transplants who couldn’t find an honest-to-goodness Chicago-style hot dog to save their lives.

In Chicago, the neighborhood hot dog stand is more than just a place to get the uniquely savory frank “dragged through the garden” and placed on a steamed poppy seed bun: it is a gathering place, a neighborhood nerve center whose signature Vienna Beef sign signals the good flavors and feelings of home.

Every stand has its quirks and charms, and Mustard’s Last Stand is no different, putting a Colorado twist on the Chicago-style hot dog stand with a full menu of favorites and surprises. Whether your neighborhood is in Denver or Boulder, we’ve got a seat in our comfy spot for you and yours. Come by, have a bite and say hello!

Watch this fun Fox News story about our 35th anniversary!


What Our Customers Say…

“If you’re looking for the best Chicago style hot dogs in town, you have come to the right place.”

“OK, OK, I know you’re supposed to go to Mustard’s for real Chicago Hot Dogs or polish sausages, but we love Mustard’s for their veggie dogs, veggie burgers, tofu reubens (yum!) and veggie chili…a vegetarian can be happy eating at Mustard’s.”

“Had the Italian beef and I was born again! Delicious meat with amazing gravy and all the right fixin’s in all the right ways.”

“I hardly dared to believe it myself, but it’s true: Mustard’s makes a mean, legitimate Chicago dog…So, yes – the Chicago dog here is amazing. It has the peppers and everything and oh man I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW.”

“Dogs are always juicy and you can’t beat a Chicago style monster… Also if you’re nice these guys will pretty much do anything to a dog you ask them.  Yeah they’re like that…Fries are skin on and legit.”

“I love the energy of this place! So quirky and charming. The food is also ridiculously delicious.”

“The staff was super friendly. And it’s great to see locals/regulars – the staff knew their orders the minute they walked in the door. The outdoor patio is a great place to people watch or study if the weather is nice.”

“One of those fun cheap delicious hole in the wall places to go that has a very good vegetarian dog.”

“Best Chicago-style Dog in Denver.”

“I love how this is a family owned business and treats everyone as family 🙂 Loved the pictures on the walls and the patio out front.”

“As a native Chicagoan, I can appreciate a well made hot dog. This place make a really good Chicago dog and their other hot dogs are tasty, too! The service is speedy and friendly. The homemade fries are a great touch and their burgers are juicy and tasty. They have this wall covered with hot dog stands back in Chicago and it makes me miss home! I usually end up here on nights where I want to reminisce and eat a good hot dog!”